Heat Pumps

With a heat pump, a more energy efficient system not only contributes to a reduced bill every month, it has a positive impact on the environment.

At the rate we are going through our natural resources; it's no surprise that we are facing an energy crisis. Carbon released in the atmosphere, causing global warming, is eliminated with a solar geyser.

Can you heat a swimming pool with a pump?

Yes, they are excellent for spas, as the volume of water is small and temperature requirements high. For swimming pools, solar geyser collectors are an extremely viable supplement to gas or electricity.

When installing solar heating, you can expect a whole host of benefits:

  • Cost-effective - a solar geyser results in a reduction in your electricity bill.
  • Environmentally friendly - no toxic waste and no misuse of non-renewable fossil fuels.
  • Constant hot water supply - designed to supply hot water 24/7. The hot water collected during the day is retained in the storage tank, and this insulated storage tank is perfectly capable of retaining hot water overnight. You aren't subjected to power cuts and load-shedding. Even a winter's day in South Africa creates adequate solar energy to supply all your hot water supplies.

Heating water is only one of the tasks of a heat pump; retaining the heat generated through sunlight is another important factor, not only at night, but even on cloudy, rainy days, there is still some solar energy being absorbed by the collectors.

The solar heating system, comprising a geyser and solar heat collector panels, takes less than a day to install, and the high-quality, corrosion-proof materials means years and years of trouble free service. At SA Pools we pride ourselves in offering affordable and eco-friendly solar geysers; our focus is on all energy users wishing to integrate energy efficiency solutions into their homes.

The Aquatemp swimming pool heat pump is available in three versions. The FT-KS, FT-KD and the FT-HC versions. They have the same exterior design, but each version has its own unique purpose in the heating of swimming pools.

  • The FT-KS version is for extending the summer swimming season.
  • The FT-KD version is recommended for a 12 month operation. During winter heating, even at air temperatures below 15º Celsius, the Aquatemp will produce 4 kW to 6 kW of heat for every 1 kW of power absorbed.
  • The FT-HC version is a dual function heat pump, i.e. heat/chill pump that is designed to heat or cool the water of the swimming pool. It is used in countries where the high summer temperatures of up to 50° Celsius and long hours of intense sunshine add heat to the pool water. When the pool temperature rises to 35º Celsius, the refreshing effect of a swim is minimal since the water temperature is similar to the body temperature. The swimming pool needs to be below 32° Celsius to remain refreshing. Cooling, by using the Aquatemp heat/chill pump, also offers high efficiency.
Heat Pumps
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