Swimming Pool Designs

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Swimming Pool Design

Summer is here, and any time is a great time for a pool party. But, there are a couple of designs to consider first, to make sure your planning for the perfect swimming pool to fit your family’s needs. Before you build a swimming pool, check out these tips of the trade when you plan your backyard paradise.

The Space

First things first, so the size and shape of your backyard will most definitely determine the size and design of your swimming pool. Plan the size of your pool and where it fits in before you think about the shape of the pool you desire. If you do not have a lot of backyard space to work with, you will have to compromise by having a smaller swimming pool designed.

The Materials

The material you choose for the inside of your pool will have the biggest impact on its look. One of the most basic techniques is finishing it off with white plaster. Quartz, which looks similar to plaster, but is more durable, also remains a popular option.

The Accessories

With the right accessories, pool owners can experience maximum enjoyment with minimal maintenance. These days, owners are getting very creative with their pool designs, incorporating things like pieces of crushed abalone for that beach house look. Pebble designs are also a huge hit, as it makes your swimming pool appear more natural. Gone are the days of adding just a simple slide and diving board. Today’s homeowners want pools with tanning ledges, waterfalls, bubbles, and fountains.

The Shape Design

Pool owners are also veering away from standard rectangular pools, in favour of a customised design that complements their backyard and lifestyle. The cost of customising your own pool design is also not that expensive. You can add five to 10% to your budget and get something really exotic.

The Add-on’s

Another popular option is automation, which can control the pool temperature, automatic cover, lights, and even music. Energy-efficient LED lights are the hottest trend in pool lighting right now, because they improve the appearance of the swimming pool while saving you money. Homeowners can create their own light show, as LEDs shine in variations of either white, green, blue, or red. The best part of getting a heated pool installed is that you can use your swimming pool 365 days a year. Adding a cover to your pool will also keep in the heat and help you save money on water at the same time.

Salt or Chlorine

Saltwater pool systems remain very popular, as homeowners continue to convert traditional chlorine pools into ones that use salt, because of the low maintenance and high water quality. But, trust us when we say that you need to do your homework before selecting salt. Owning a saltwater swimming pool can come in handy if you want to keep your maintenance costs down, but the initial cost to install the system is quite high. Chlorine systems in swimming pools generally cost quite a bit less than saltwater system, even though chlorine swimming pools typically have more complex and in-depth routine maintenance requirements.

At SA Pools, we offer 30 years of experience in the pool manufacturing industry and offer hundreds off swimming pool designs for you to choose from. We have won many awards over the years for our top-quality pool designs and excellent services. We take great pride in helping our clients find just the right pool design for their home. We are just as passionate about installing the perfect pool at your home as you are, and we welcome you to chat to us about any special requirements that you might have.