Swimming Pools - make a huge splash this Summer

To have your own pool where you can swim whenever your mood takes you; at any time, day or night, is a wonderful and convenient luxury, and encourages us to swim far more frequently than we would if we had to go elsewhere. Even if you don't fancy swimming if the water is not quite warm enough, then other opportunities present themselves, such as pool heating, dining by the water, or just relaxing. With the magic of swimming pools; hearing the sound of water falling over rocks and boulders; the whole area around the pool becomes your very own private oasis.

Advances in technology in manufacturing and construction techniques of swimming pools have resulted in more and more people wanting to own their own pools, and SA Pools are committed to helping you achieve your dream.  We offer a full range of pools best suited to your own unique requirements and budget.

South Africa's Swimming Pool Professional with Award to back up our claims

We also provide a full maintenance service, from one-off visits to regular contracts, and stock a full range of water treatment products, chemicals and accessories for those wishing to undertake their own maintenance tasks.  If you regard it as a bit of a chore to maintain your swimming pool, and would prefer to spend your time actually enjoying it, why not get us to do it for you? We'll keep it in top condition – safe and clean.

What type of pool are you looking for? Above-ground pools, fibre-glass pools, Gunite Pools, freshwater, salt water, what sort of filter?

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, designed for many uses, but they all have one thing in common – water. Whether it's a child's paddling pool or an Olympic size pool, the water has to be  sparkling clean.  Check out your pH and chlorine levels daily and be guided by pool professionals.